Monday, April 6, 2009

Something to match his eyes

James and I ran some errands after work. This can be some what more of a challenge these days because I'm still not allowed to lift anything heavier than a milk jug. Trying to convince James to get in and out of the car and car seat is a challenge in its self. But when we had to run into Walmart for some things, I wasn't able to lift him in the cart. So that meant I had to put total trust in him that he'd hold my hand as we walked through Walmart for a few things. He did so well that he got a treat at the end. A nice big blueberry push pot. His tongue and lips soon matched his gorgeous blue eye. Don't you agree?


  1. that is such a cute picture! I love it!

  2. This is way too cute. What a good little boy.

  3. Way too cute, what a good little boy.