Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday marks Opening Day of Baseball...even at the Hallam House

Jimmy has been so excited that baseball season is now officially here. And not only because he gets to obsess about the San Diego Padres for the next 7 months, but he is stoked to start teaching James how to play baseball. We've learned that we can get James into baseball camps at age three, but he'll have to wait till his four years old to actually play t-ball. That gives Jimmy two years to get James prepared for what Jimmy plans to be James’ career path. LOL isn’t that every fathers dream for their son. Anyway, Sunday I was out with a friend and left the boys home alone. I called Jimmy from the store because I came across this really cute t-ball set that I thought would be really cute for James for Easter. I called Jimmy to see what he thought and apparently he thought it was a great idea….so great that he and James had already been to the store and back with a new t-ball set. So later that evening, we got James out in the front yard and played a little baseball. Not sure if every two year old has this great of an attention span, but I have to say that James did GREAT! Jimmy taught James the basics: stance, grip on the bat, the swing, ball transfer from the glove to throwing, and grounders. Watching the two of them made me so excited for all the years to come of little league. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. I love it, maybe he could be a Red Sox one day?

  2. NOT!!!! Probably a SD Padre

  3. NEVER A RED SOX! NEVER! :) Anything but that...we love him to much for that. :) Can't wait to see him grow to be that amazing ball player he is destined to be (if Daddy has anything to do with it!)