Wednesday, May 6, 2009

James' Friends

Here's the drill. The days that James goes off to school, when the day comes to a close, I walk or drive down the street to pick him up. With the weather warming up, I'm able to walk down, which James loves because then we get to 'walk' home. Well this means that when we get home, there is NO going back inside to the house. Once we're outside, we're outside until I find something special to get him to go inside or the sun goes to bed. And what do we do outside the entire time....we play with his 'friends'. Meet James' best friends. His BIKE and his TRACTOR. Normally TRACTOR stays at Grandma's house, but last week he got a little too attached, and TRACTOR had to go everywhere with us. Even if it meant riding in the back of the car while we ran to the store. Also, recently James has picked up on the peddling skill. Now he peddles his big wheel instead of scoots. Its so cute.

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