Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend: Part 4 - BBQ with the Drage's

Sunday afternoon we headed out for our last Mother's Day event. We went to Grandma Jo & Grandpa Lionel's for a bbq dinner. It would be the official kick-off of many more dinners to come that Grandma Jo would prepare out on their fabulous back patio. Jimmy grilled the steaks while the rest of us engorged our self with shrimp. After dinner we hung out on the back patio and visited while the kids ran around and played. Preston (Uncle Sterling's youngest) was also there with us. One of James' highlights of going to Grandma Jo's is her piano. One of these days we'll need to get him into some lessons. He's so fascinated with the piano, which most kids are, but he also does not bang on the keys, he presses each one individually while he listens. Thank you Grandma Jo for such a fabulous dinner.

James playing the piano as usual at Grandma Jo's.

Mom & Grandma Jo. Happy Mother's Day!

The Lawrence Family - Maddy, Allison, Kelsey, Sport.

The Hallam Family - Wendy, James, Jimmy

You can tell how much Sport, Allison and the girls
miss having James around.

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