Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend: Part 1

Better late than never! Last weekend Allison, Sport and the girls came up to Utah to visit for the weekend. We packed a lot of stuff into one weekend, so bare with me here. Friday night, we all met up at Buzz & Georgia's house for bbq and bonfire. James was so excited to see everyone. And ever since James heard the story of Uncle Sport falling in the fire and getting an ouie, he was extra excited to see Uncle Sport. The kids played baseball on the grass while the rest of us swarmed the food as usual. We ended the night with a nice bonfire.

The girls taught James how to run bases. They made the mistake and made first base his little bike, so he would run to first and never get off.
Sport and John playing 'catch up'

Jimmy & I and Sport and Allison hangin out by the fire.

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